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Leonard interrupts them heading out to have dinner with Penny.

don't ignore these red flags in a new relationship

Penny is glad that he asked her out again and on the way back, suggests that they should take their relationship slow. Leonard suggests that they treat any issues as computer bugs and report them so they can be fixed, and they agree to keep each other informed.

Leonard returns to his apartment interrupting Fun with Flags, take Back at Leonard's apartment, the gang is watching Doctor Who. Penny asks Leonard if this is a date. Leonard cautiously replies no.

The Beta Test Initiation

Penny gives him a bug report that more thought should be put into dates. Leonard stops her and presents her with a long list of her faults in a bug report.

Leonard enters Penny's apartment and finds her reading a book since Leonard said she should read more so they would have more to talk about. Leonard said that they agreed not get mad at the bug reports, and that he is addressing his by planning a surprise evening for her. She goes to find a low heel pair of shoes that did not make him feel like he was out walking with his mommy.

The Monster Isolation, The Big Bang Theory Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

She also presents her long bug report for him to peruse which includes items about his noisy juicy kisses and his stupid eyebrows. They go on a dating fun with flags movie to a firing range which Penny likes, as Leonard asked her father what things she liked to do as a kid, commenting that it was not bad for a guy whose neck massages felt like eagle claws.

Penny gives him a bug report to just take compliments and not to apologize so much, and tells him to get ready to shoot stuff. She kisses him causing Leonard to accidentally shoot himself in the foot.

Later, Penny assists Leonard up the stairs to his apartment. Leonard refers to his gunshot wound which Penny corrects as having a Reebok with a gunshot wound and an "ouchie" on his pinky toe. Leonard says that a hospital does not give out Band-Aids unless it was medically necessary.

The Monster Isolation: dating fun with flags movie

Penny laughs and thanks him for a cool evening. Leonard then wonders about their Beta test. Penny tells him that things are going well and kisses him good night. He enters his apartment finding Sheldon dressed in a Bavarian outfit, and Amy is dressed as a giant pretzel and swaying to German music. Leonard, creeped out, leaves. Meanwhile, Raj has purchased the iPhone.

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