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What I mean by this is that over the years as I've taken the test my result keeps fluctuating between the two.

What You Need To Understand About the INTP Male

I find it difficult to relate to full on INFP people due to how irrationally emotional they dating intp male, yet at the same time I find it infp female how emotionally uninvolved INTPs are. What are the things I should be prepared for? Things I have learned so far: Public emotional affections should be kept at a minimum to be sure INTPs do not like to make waves, and they will wait and wait to air an issue when it would be better just to go for it.

In the meantime, they will have the fight out within their mind, effortlessly envisioning their partner's responses for them. INTPs will also withdraw after a fight and not communicate. There may be silence after an argument, or both parties may shut down rather than deal with conflict leaving the issue unresolved or letting it fester.

This tendency is amplified if their partner is a fellow introvert, and even more particularly if their partner is an introverted feeler. An INTP hopes to learn something from each conflict that will help them next time.

One interesting side effect of this is that for an INTP, each fight is perceived as setting a precedent. To people of other types, fights happen on a case by case basis.

But for an INTP, each case is merely one embodiment of an overall principle. For a long time, the INTP simply ignores their partner's occasional complaints.

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But, after a stressful day, a minor argument finally erupts over the situation. For the Judger, the argument is about the light switches and the light switches alone.

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For the INTP, the argument is an embodiment or a larger principle: If the INTP gave in on the light switches, they would perceive themselves to be agreeing with the entire principle underlying the example. The light switch situation itself is insignificant.

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To the INTP, each fight goes straight to the Supreme Court to be used as an example for all future judicial decisions. Picture, if you will, what the reaction would be if one country demanded that a neighboring country hand infp female dating intp male one square kilometer of territory. It is the principle of sovereignty that is at stake, not the size of the demanded turf. In a similar way, INTPs are fighting not only for that one kilometer of turf, but for every kilometer that might ever be demanded.

Yet from their partner's perspective, it is frustratingly incomprehensible why the INTP will not yield on such a tiny matter. An INTP's partner can prevent.


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